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Administrative Assessment Committee Membership

AAC Membership


  • Dr. Gurvinder Khaneja, Director of Institutional Research
  • Dr. Brittany Williams-Goldstein, Chief of Staff & Board Liaison

Academic Affairs Representatives:

  • Clare Naporano, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
  • Karen Norton, Assistant to the Dean, Anisfield School of Business

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Representatives:

  • Trish LaPrey, Director of Degree Completion
  • Lisa Gonsisko, Director of Residence Life

Administration and Finance Representatives:

  • Merita Larti, Financial Analyst
  • Roger Jans, Manager of Learning, Development and Performance

Institutional Advancement Representative:

  • Lies Chartier, Director of Prospect Research

Office of the President/E.D.I.C. Representative:

  • Jineane Miller Lajam, Program Assistant for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Compliance

The AAC is grateful for the support it receives from Laura Plessner, Institutional Research, and Marie Ciampi, Office of the President.

Division Effectiveness Committee Membership

The following Division Effectiveness Committees (DECs) have been formed:

Academic Affairs

  • The AAC representative is Clare Naporano.
  • The DEC membership includes Ed Petkus, Sydney Jenkins, Kathy Burke, Peter Campbell, Jackie Skrzynski, Rebecca Root, Gurvinder Khaneja, Michael Bitz, Fernanda Papalia, Susan Hangen, Ben Levy, Edward Saiff, Aaron Lorenz, and Sandra Suarez.

Administration and Finance

  • The AAC representatives are Merita Larti and Roger Jans.
  • The DEC membership includes Michael Cunningham, Robert Doster, Virginia Galdieri, Gina Mayer Costa, Colleen O’Keefe, Daniel Roche, and Beth Walkley.

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

  • The AAC representatives are Lisa Gonsisko and Trish LaPrey.
  • The DEC membership includes Judy Green, Kathleen Hallissey, Rick Brown, Melissa Van Der Wall, Shawn O’Neill, Harold Crocker, Joe Connell, Beth Ricca, and Melissa Horvath.

Institutional Advancement

  • The AAC representative is Lies Chartier.
  • The DEC membership includes David Terdiman, Roseann Toscano, and Claudia Esker.

Office of the President/Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Compliance

  • The AAC representative is Jineane Miller Lajam.
  • The DEC membership includes Nicole Morgan Agard, Patricia Chavez, and Brittany Williams-Goldstein.