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Aaron Van Klyton

Aaron Van KlytonAssistant Professor of International Business

Year Joined RCNJ: 2019

Contact Information


  • B.A. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • M.A. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Ph.D. King’s College London, UK

Courses Offered:

  • Fundamental of International Business
  • European Business Community

Research Interests:

  • Technology Diffusion and Market Competitiveness
  • Internet Governance
  • Mobile banking and consumer behaviour
  • The economics of digitalisation and international trade 

Recent Publications:

  • Tavera-Mesías, van Klyton A. & Zuñiga Collazos (2022) Technology readiness, mobile payments and gender- a reflective-formative second-order approach. Behaviour & Information Technology. Available from:
  • van.Klyton, A., & Tavera-Mesias, J. F. (2021, October). Is a cashless society realistic? The rural challenge to the post-pandemic “New Normal.” The European Business Review.
  • Tavera-Mesias, Juan Fernando, Aaron van.Klyton, and Alexander Zuñiga-Collazos (2021) “Social Stratification, Self-Image Congruence, and Mobile Banking in Colombian Cities.” Journal of International Consumer Marketing, (ahead of print).
  • van.Klyton, Aaron, Juan-Fernando Tavera-Mesias, and Wilson Castaño-Muñoz (2021) “Value Co-Creation and Co-Destruction in the First Cashless Society in Colombia – a Middle Range Theory Approach.” Information Technology & People (ahead-of-print).
  • Ogbonnaya, C. and van.Klyton, A. (2021) Can Remote Working bring your business down during a recession? Blog London School of Economics Business Review (
  • van.Klyton, A., Tavera-Mesias, J. F. & Castaño Muñoz, W (2021) Innovation Resistance and Mobile Banking in Rural Colombia. Journal of Rural Studies,
  • van.Klyton, A. et al. (2020) Innovation Resistance and Mobile Banking in Rural Colombia. Journal of Rural Studies, accepted for publication.
  • Solomon, E. M. & van.Klyton, A. (2020) The impact of digital technology usage on economic growth in Africa. Utilities Policy. [Online- 67101104]
  • van.Klyton, A. et al. (2020) Digital local information services in developing countries: evidence from Colombia. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. OnlineFirst.
  • van.Klyton, A., Rutabayiro-Ngoga, S., & Liyanage, L. 2019. Chinese investment in the Sierra Leone telecommunications industry: international financial institutions, neoliberalism, and organisational fields. Review of African Political Economy,
  • van.Klyton, A., Rutabayiro-Ngoga, S., 2018. SME finance and the construction of value in Rwanda. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Special Issue on Entrepreneurship in Africa, part 2: entrepreneurial education and eco-systems, 25(4), 628-643, JSBED-02-2017-0046
  • van.Klyton, A., Castaño-Muñoz, W., 2017. Local Information Services in Medellin: technology, institutions, communities and power. Technology in Society, 50 (August 2017), 20-30.
  • Holden, K., van.Klyton, A., 2016. Exploring the tensions and incongruities of Internet governance in Africa. Government Information Quarterly 33(4), 736–745.
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