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Professional Certificate in Blockchain


The Ramapo College Professional Certificate in Blockchain provides cutting-edge training in managing the most disruptive technological advance in generations.

Why is Blockchain so Valuable?

Business now concentrates on what a company does best, and outsources for better performance and/or lower cost (nobody would audit their own books!) BUT many of these links are expensive to create, hard to hack-proof, or hard to enforce against vendors or customers who break their promises of performance. Society has historically worked around these issues in various ways. For instance, insurance companies were established to ensure that payments are made in event of loss.

Blockchain moves these promises of performance simultaneously onto many connected computing devices, each of which contains the entire promise of performance. Any attempt to cheat or renege on promises of performance results in the rest of the links responding with a “NO, we won’t let you do that!” And–the blockchain then ruthlessly and at a tiny cost enforces the contract.

That’s why Blockchain is so disruptive. The entire insurance industry is based on enforcing promises of performance. So is the accounting profession. So are Amazon and eBay. All of these will be rendered completely unrecognizable by Blockchain. Since it makes transactions much cheaper, we can also expect it to explode the possibilities for small business and micro-capitalism. It’s just cheaper, better and faster infrastructure, deployable at very low cost anywhere there is a network.


Tuition: $3,000 payable 30 days prior to the first class.

You may also pay in two installments:

  • First payment ($1,500) payable 30 days prior to the first class.
  • Second payment ($1,500) payable prior to the fourth live class.

A nonrefundable registration fee of $125 must accompany the registration request.

The Program

The instructor is a full time business professor who also knows the technology at a profound level, and thus can enable the students to profit. The course will answer three questions:

  • Why do I want to use Blockchain?
  • What is involved in using Blockchain?
  • How do I implement Blockchain?

Course Description

The Ramapo College Professional in Blockchain Certificate program is designed to provide current and future managers a deep dive understanding of Blockchain. Managers will understand the dynamics of a decentralized business model, the underlying security, distributed computing and business model transformations that Blockchain would facilitate. Some unanswered topics such as change management strategies, organizational readiness and organizational transformations with Blockchain will be discussed. There would be some hands-on exercises such as defining a smart contracts in the course curriculum.

Topics covered in this course

  • Introduction to Blockchain and its underlying technology
  • How is Data protected in a Blockchain?
  • Consensus Mechanisms in Blockchain
  • Introduction to Smart Contracts
  • Distributed Apps and the different types of Blockchain
  • How do we Build a Blockchain Solution? Challenges in Blockchain adoption
  • Digital Wallets and transactions in Public Blockchain (Bitcoin)
  • Commercial Implementations of Blockchain
Why should you enroll in a Blockchain Certificate program at Ramapo College?
  • Starts three times a year
  • Evening classes
  • Certificate in eight weeks
  • Hybrid instruction allows in-person contact with professor

We are entering into a world that is driven by data. This data is transforming the way we do business. Along with this data revolution we have entered into a world where privacy aware, hack-proof, distributed and decentralized technology of Blockchain will result in businesses to transform. Blockchain allows peer to peer transactions without the need of an intermediary. This technology mediated trust in peer to peer transaction will transform industries such as real estate, financial services, healthcare, insurance, public sector, retail and many more. This has resulted in a growth of demand for Blockchain professionals. The World Economic forum predicts that 18 percent of the world GDP would be generated around Blockchain by 2025.

Managers need to understand the underpinnings of Blockchain technologies and rewire their businesses to support this decentralization revolution which is going to be the future. Often, technology creates solutions however business generates the need for such solutions. It hence important for business leaders to understand the new business processes so that they can be supported by technology.

Most Blockchain courses are directed to software developers but this certificate is focused on business analysts, middle and upper managers with little or no technology background. The abstraction of technology and discussion focused on the business side of Blockchain is the primary approach of this program. We intend to support the business side with adopting this new revolution.

Nikhil Varma profile image

About the Instructor

Nikhil Varma (faculty profile) is a trained computer engineer who holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer engineering. Varma spent eight years as an entrepreneur where he designed and developed a product that was eventually sold to a public company. He earned his MBA from HEC Montreal, Canada, and then spent two years as a management consultant before receiving his Ph.D. in Operations Management from HEC Montreal. His research focused on increasing the impact of service by using machine learning techniques. He has been an assistant professor at Ramapo since 2016. He is passionate about using data science to assist in healthcare, sustainable operations, customer relationships and online learning. He is an advisor to a Blockchain enterprise solution company, Qbrics, and also focuses on optimizing the organizational business processes using Blockchain. He is currently authoring a book titled “Blockchain Mantra.”

Cost & Funding Details


Certified Blockchain Professional Certificate tuition: $3,000, payable 30 days prior to the first class.

You may also pay in two installments:

  • First payment ($1,500) payable 30 days prior to the first class.
  • Second payment ($1,500) payable prior to the fourth live class.

A nonrefundable registration fee of $125 must accompany the registration request.


 Tuition Private Loans

The Certified Blockchain Professional Certificate is a non-credit bearing program. Students may, obtain loans from: Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo. However, scholarships and financial aid are not awarded through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to cover the tuition.

Please review both loans to determine which works best for you:
Visit SallieMae’s Website and click “I’m ready to apply” Or visit Wells Fargo’s Website and click “Apply Now.”

Sallie Mae often responds same day with “offer” or ”deny” or up to 48 hours and Wells Fargo takes about 24-48 hours.

Company Paid

Businesses and organizations support their employees by funding the program via one of two methods: Purchase Order or Reimbursement.

Purchase Order:

Please request a purchase order from your organization. Once approved, have your organization email the completed purchase order to or you may attach a scanned copy as part of your online application.

If necessary, purchase orders may be mailed to:

Ramapo College of New Jersey
505 Ramapo Valley Road (Room ASB-125)
Mahwah, NJ 07430

Your organization will be invoiced for payment prior to the start of your program.


Some businesses/organizations require their employees to pay for the program up front from their own resources and submit paperwork at a later date for reimbursement.

For your convenience, program payments may be paid in two installments. If you have not paid online, you may mail or hand deliver your check payable to:

Ramapo College of New Jersey
505 Ramapo Valley Road (Room ASB-125)
Mahwah, NJ 07430

For reimbursements to occur as you move through the program, you must request a grade report from the instructor as soon as you have finished the received deliverables for each certificate. Specify whether the business/organization needs a percentage grade or a letter grade, and the minimum grade for full reimbursement.


What are the Requirements?

  1. Effort
  2. High school math skills
  3. Ability to complete 4th year college work
  4. Satisfactory completion of each certificate. Each certificate is taken Pass/Fail or for a grade at the student’s written request

What Deliverables are Required?

  1. Grades are based on using the technology and completing the activities
  2. Completing the readings and assigned videos
  3. Final project

What is the refund policy?

Registration fees are non-refundable. Module refunds for withdrawals requested by Friday of the first week of class are issued at 100% only when notification is submitted in writing to Refunds for withdrawals submitted in writing during the second week of the program are issued at 50% and a $50 processing fee applies. No withdrawal refunds are given after the second week of the program.

When are payments due?

To confirm a seat in the program, certificate payments are due 30 days in advance of the start date. We expect heavy demand for this program. If you sign up for the program after this time period, payment is due immediately, prior to the first day of class. Your registration is based on seat availability.

How do I make my module payment online?

Access your account at:

  • (Link to be added here.) to make your online payment.
  • Click on “Applications” on the top of the page.
  • Choose “Certified Blockchain Professional Certificate” and click “Summary”
  • Under the “Invoices” bar, click “Make Payment”. This will allow you to make a minimum payment of $1,500.

If you have trouble with the above you may call 201-684-7370.

How do I go about retaking the program?

Retakes are not permitted.

Will I receive academic credit for this course?

No. The Professional in Blockchain Certificate is a non-credit course. A certificate of completion is earned.

Will I receive a transcript after completing this course?

No, the Office of the Registrar only creates and distributes official college transcripts for credit-bearing coursework. Because Professional in Blockchain Certificate is a non-credit course, there is no official transcript that can be requested through the Registrar’s office. Each student that successfully completes the program with a passing grade will receive a Ramapo College Certificate of Completion signed by the College President, Provost, and the Dean, Anisfield School of Business.


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Nikhil Varma
Assistant Professor of Management
Anisfield School of Business
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Phone: (201) 684-7436

For administrative details, please contact:
Business Professional Certificate Programs
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Phone: (201) 684-7370
Fax: (201) 684-7277