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Choose A Drink? Recognizing Signs of Intoxication

Choose To Drink?

Recognizing The Signs Of Intoxication

  1. A person who is overly friendly.
  2. Someone talking loudly, bragging, or using foul language.
  3. You will often find the person annoying or arguing with others.
  4. Someone with slurred or slowed speech, who tends to lose their train of thought.
  5. A person who complains about many things, i.e.: Res. Life, Public Safety, Mahwah PD).
  6. Spills their drink or misses their mouth.
  7. Glassy eyes, dilated pupils, inability to focus, sleepy look, bobbing head
  8. Sudden or unexplained mood changes.
  9. Staggering, swaying, or inability to walk.
  10. Inability to light a cigarette, or attempting to light more than one cigarette at a time.

Alcohol Poisoning

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