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What is CheckPoint?

Alcohol and/other Drug (AOD) Assessment Process:

1.  In person AOD assessment includes:

a.  Review of the Interim Suspension incident

b.  AOD Assessment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assessment of AOD Use – Current, history, date of first use
  • Frequency of alcohol/other drug consumption per week/month
  • Amount of alcohol/other drug consumed during each event
  • Duration of each event
  • Type of alcohol/other drug consumed
  • History of blackouts
  • Intent to get intoxicated
  • Negative consequences of AOD use
  • Effect on relationships, GPA, class/employment attendance and/or participation
  • Legal issues
  • Family history of alcohol/other drug use
  • Personal concerns regarding alcohol/other drug use

2.  Following an assessment, possible education/treatment options include:

a.  No further education recommended

b.  Referral to E-Chug and/or E-Toke (on-line assessment/intervention followed by an in-person session to review)

c.  Referral to BASICS – minimum of two in-person sessions

d.  Referral to individual counseling (on campus)

e.  Referral to a higher level of treatment such as Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP, most common referral is to High Focus Center) or Residential Treatment (referral is dependent on health insurance).