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Allies and Mentors

Application and Training for The Recovery Allies & Mentor Program

In order to register for a “Person First” Spoken Here – Recovery Ally Training, please complete the form below. If you have any questions, please contact Cory Rosenkranz at or 201-684-7019.

Allies and Mentors Application

Allies of Recovery

Major components to the Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program at RCNJ, will be students, faculty, and/or friends active in our (a) Allies of Recovery program:

  • persons who understand the impact of society’s stigma of substance use disorders and mental health concerns on individuals and relationships
    • who want to gain the skills and confidence needed to provide support to anyone impacted by substance use disorders through words, actions, and advocacy
    • who want to help create a safe environment for everyone in our Recovery community.

Our Allies of Recovery will consist of friends, teammates, family members, fellow college students. Allies will be willing to work with the RCRP to assist students in getting what they need to stay healthy and sober, to thrive academically and personally. Further, Allies will provide a supportive network and help to create a feeling of belonging; knowing that others believe in them and their potential to succeed, is sometimes all that is necessary for students in recovery to remain focused.

Recovery Mentors

Finally, we will also have (b) Recovery Mentors program associated with the RCRP:

  • mentors may be current students, alumni, or simply others interested in the success of our students.
  •   Recovery Mentors, all, will be active in their own continuing Recovery – 2+ years of uninterrupted progress.
  • Mentors will share what they have learned, i.e.  tools, networks, activities that have made or continue to make a difference in their Recovery success.