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Goal 2 Action Plan

In 2017, the Ramapo College Taskforce on Shared Governance created a Report that outlined dynamic protocols for Shared Decision Making. One such protocol included a recommendation to establish an Implementation Team for Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan (Cultivate and Support Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion).  In accordance with this recommendation, President Mercer thereafter established a Goal 2 Implementation Team (“Implementation Team”), comprised of key College Stakeholders, and charged the Goal 2 Team with creating an Action Plan that would recommend strategies to advance the Indicators associated with diversity and inclusion in Dashboard 2021 of the  Strategic Plan.

The Goal 2 Action Plan is a result of the Implementation Team’s review of the Dashboard Indicators within the Strategic Plan and a detailed review and analysis of available data (demographic, climate and policy).  The Goal 2 Implementation Team looks forward to continued collaboration with the administration and others to further develop and implement this Action Plan.

Goal 2 Action Plan (PDF)