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Spring 2023 Transportation Safety Guidelines

The following safety precautions should be followed for the Ramapo Roadrunner Express (RRE) and Coach USA/Shortline bus

All passengers of the Ramapo Roadrunner Express (RRE) and Coach USA/Shortline bus are recommended to follow these health and safety precautions:

The majority of the College is considered “face covering friendly” (including the campus shuttle/bus systems), which means that any person who wishes to wear a face covering, may do so free from judgment.  A face covering friendly campus recognizes that all persons determine what is best for them while being empathetic to the risk that others in our diverse community may be managing

Riders should utilize hand sanitizer before boarding and after exiting either vehicle, avoid touching high-touch points whenever possible while on board, and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose before washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water

All vehicles are cleaned regularly

Do not ride either vehicle if you are sick

For additional information regarding Coach USA/Shortline and COVID: