Freshmen Admissions

Criteria for General Admission

Admission to Ramapo College is based on several factors.  There are no minimum cut offs in any category.  Applicants should be pursuing a college preparatory curriculum that is individually challenging.  AP, IB and Honors courses are looked upon favorably.  Freshmen applicants are required to have at least the following

18 academic units:

  • English – 4 units
  • Social Studies – 3 units
  • Algebra I – 1 unit
  • Geometry – 1 unit
  • Algebra II – 1 unit
  • Foreign Language – 2 units
  • Science – 3 units (2 units of lab science)
  • Academic Electives – 3 units.

Standardized test scores are also required.  Official SAT and/or ACT scores must be sent directly from the test agency.  Students admitted to Ramapo typically rank in the top 20% of their graduating class with a middle 50% range of critical reading and math SAT scores of 1080-1280 or an ACT composite of 24-26.

Successful applicants also demonstrate a record of extracurricular activities that reflect maturity and responsibility and demonstrate the ability to be successful in college.