Diversity Action Committee


2015 Diversity Convocation Speaker: Arun Gandhi

Gandhi A-Photo (HEADSHOT 2011, Photo Credit Scott Kafora)Arun Gandhi is a peace activist and proponent of nonviolence, and he is the grandson of the legendary peace fighter and spiritual leader, Mohandas Gandhi.

See the DAC Convocation website  for more information.

DAClogosmallDAC Mission:

To advocate, advise, and support issues of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness at Ramapo College through the advancement of diversity-related initiatives with an emphasis on underrepresented and historically marginalized groups on campus.

DAC Vision:

It is our vision that Ramapo College is an institution where diversity is salient and consistently and comprehensively infused across all facets of The College; where the environment is welcoming, dedicated to social justice, respectful of freedom of expression, and focused on educating and having an ongoing conversation regarding cultural competence and the benefits and importance of diversity.

DAC Definition of Diversity:

Diversity is the full range of human difference and experience (as stated in the Ramapo College Strategic Plan).  A critical commitment to such diversity empowers and legitimizes lived social realities and standpoints of marginalized peoples.

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FALL 2015 DAC Meeting Schedule:

  • To Be Announced

Diversity Action Committee Members, Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Kevin Ballard, Plumber/Steamfitter, Facilities, kballard@ramapo.edu

Rick Brown, Director, CSI,  rbrown2@ramapo.edu

Peter Campbell, Faculty, CA, pcampbel@ramapo.edu

Erick Castellanos, Faculty, SSHGS, ecastel@ramapo.edu

Pat Chang, Associate VP for Institutional Advancement, pchang@ramapo.edu

Misha Choudhry, Student, mchoudhr@ramapo.edu

Naseem Choudhury, Faculty, SSHS, nchoudhu@ramapo.edu

Yolanda del Amo, Faculty, CA, ydelalmo@ramapo.edu

Mark Ellebracht, Student, mellebra@ramapo.edu

Lorraine Edwards, Director, Training and Development, HR, ledwards@ramapo.edu

Dee Foreman, Associate Director, EOF, dforeman@ramapo.edu

Marissa Hatten, Student, mhatten@ramapo.edu

Venus Hewing, Counselor, Health and Counseling Services, vhewing@ramapo.edu

Shaziela Ishak, Faculty, SSHS, sishak@ramapo.edu

Pinar Kayaalp, Faculty SSHGS, DAC Co-chair, pkayaalp@ramapo.edu

Gurvinder Khaneja, Director of Institutional Research, gkhaneja@ramapo.edu

Shirley Knight, Librarian, Library, sknight@ramapo.edu

Missy Long, Counselor, Office of Specialized Services, mlong@ramapo.edu

Kat McGee, Assistant Director, CSI; Coordinator, Women’s Center, kmcgee@ramapo.edu

Asha Mehta, Academic Advisor, Nursing, amehta@ramapo.edu

Joost Monen, Faculty, TAS, jmonen@ramapo.edu

Edna Negrón, Faculty, CA, enegron@ramapo.edu

David Oh, Faculty, CA, doh@ramapo.edu

Ivy Payne, Executive Secretarial Asst, Student Affairs Office, ipayne@ramapo.edu

Tamika Quick, Assistant Director Equity & Diversity, Student Center, aquick@ramapo.edu

Paul Reck, Faculty, SSHS, preck@rampao.edu

Tanadjza Robinson-McCray, Student Development Specialist, EOF,  trobins2@ramapo.edu

Kersaint Saint Fleur, Program Assistant, Affirmative Action, ksaintfl@ramapo.edu

Ruma Sen, Faculty, CA, rsen@ramapo.edu

Mihaela Serban, Faculty, SSHS, mserban@ramapo.edu

Paula Straile-Costa, Faculty, SSHGS, pstraile@ramapo.edu

Sandra Suarez, Project Coordinator, Upward Bound, DAC Co-Chair ssuarez@ramapo.edu

Shabnam Tobaccowala, Faculty, SSHS, stobacco@ramapo.edu

Leah Warner, Faculty, SSHS, lwarner@ramapo.edu

Samantha Wittenberg, Librarian, Library, switten1@ramapo.edu

Kathy Zeno, Faculty, ASB, kzeno@rampao.edu