School of Contemporary Arts (CA)

Communication Arts Major - Global Communication and Media Concentration

The Global Communication and Media concentration promotes an understanding of the history, theory and analysis of media and cinema both in the U.S. and internationally. Students develop an understanding of the structure and influence of many forms of media, including television, film, public campaigns, and advertising. They build their research and writing skills in analyzing media forms and representations in order to become more effective producers and more critical consumers of media content. Coursework includes media criticism and media writing in the following formats: reviews, trade/journalistic writing, scholarly criticism, project and grant proposals, and program design. Such knowledge equips students with the competencies they need to succeed in the 21st century workplace and as active and engaged citizens.

Students of Global Communication and Media pursue careers in advertising, government, social issue advocacy, promotions, public relations, and education. Global Communication and Media also prepares students for graduate study in communication, media studies, and film studies.

What is a Concentration?

A concentration is a focus on a more targeted field of the major. Some majors have concentrations in which you choose your course of study. These majors include Business Administration, Communication Arts, Music, and Social Science.